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Cruising Legal Records Manual

The “Keeping Your Boat Legal Vessel Documents and Information Manual” is a simple system to help you organize and store your vessel documents, along with information that may help you in a variety of different situations.  It includes some simple, useful forms for your vessel information.

Table of Contents:

Section 1.  Basic Information.

         A.  Vessel and Owner

               Form:  Vessel and Owner Information

 Inserts:  Vessel specifications.  Corporate or LLC Certificate.  Annual License.

            B.  Insurance

            Form:  Insurance Agency and Company Information.

Inserts:  Copy of Insurance Declarations page.  Copy of Insurance Policy

            C.  Personal information for each trip.

                 Form:  Personal information

            D.  Vessel Survey.

                 Form:  Surveyor information.

                  Insert:  Copy of most recent vessel survey

         E.  Service and Repair.

             Forms:  Service and repair record.  Servicemen and repairmen information.

Section 2.  Operation and Safety Requirements and Equipment

A.  Coast Guard minimum equipment requirements.

B.  U.S. VHF Channels.

C.  Fire Extinguishers

D.  Personal Flotation Devises

  1. E.     Accident Reporting.
  2. F.     Safety Check

     Form:  Equipment list.

  1. G.    Pollution Regulations

   Forms.  Waste Management Plan.  Waste Placard.  Oil Pollution Placard.

 Section 3. U.S. Coast Guard Documentation & State Registration: 

Inserts:  Certificate of Documentation/State Registration or Title. 

              Bill of Sale (optional). 

 Section 4.  Crossing the Border.

Form:  U.S. re-entry information.

Inserts: Copy of annual Customs Decal.   Parental authorization letter for minor children.  Pet information and vaccination information.  Prescription medications.

Section 5.  Miscellaneous.  (Use this section to keep information regarding operations and procedures on your boat and its equipment.)          The following forms are included for your use:

 Vessel safety check.  Pre-departure Checklist.  National Marine Fisheries Service Whale Watching Guidelines.  Emergency Mayday Calls procedure.  Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats.  Diagrams for “right of way” while crossing, passing and overtaking. 

       Keeping Your Boat Legal Vessel Documents and Information Manual: 

  How to Order:  Call:   509 687 6236  OR


 Cost per unit:               $ 16.95

        x  Sales tax                        8%

    sub-total:                     $ 18.30

          shipping:                $   5.00

                 TOTAL:             $ 23.30